Personal Transformation & Intimacy Coaching

One to one coaching, is an exciting, gentle and transformational process. Working with 100s of clients, I have discovered it isn't for everyone, it is for those ready and willing to make a change. The sessions are an opportunity for my clients to start to unpack some of their challenges, discover their desires and shift their subconscious patterns, to move towards a life, work or relationship that not only lights them up, but enables them to navigate life's natural ups and downs.

Personal Transformation Coaching, supports you to make sense of your unique human experience, your spirit and self. Here I help people to overcome challenges, healing old parts, manifesting their dreams and/or integrating powerful experiences (such as death, grief, anger, care-work, illnesses or medicine journeys.)
Intimacy Coaching, works specifically with love, sexuality & relationships. Here we can explore any positive outcome you desire, whether that's deeper connection, finding a new relationship, orgasmic challenges or simply creating a more vibrant sex life! We will work through whatever is blocking you, and bring you towards whatever it is you really want.

Through working closely with the body, you will be able to come out of your head and get to know yourself in a deeper way. You will also learn practical tools and techniques to use in your daily life to reduce stress, help with anxiety, express emotions healthily, create more connection and create a vibrant sex life! Yum.  

Since each client is unique, treatment plans will vary. I offer a range of personalised programmes, from supporting you with a specific challenge, to a deep spiritual journey between 3 - 12 sessions. 


STEP 1 : Connection Call

I offer a FREE 20 minute Connection Call, to meet new clients, for you to ask any questions and see if we are a good fit. 

STEP 2 : Primary Session

Then I do a 1hr Primary Session, where we would explore your positive desired outcome and take a full comprehensive history to understand more about you, your experiences and patterns. This session is really valuable and will starts to connect the dots for you, how you got to where you are and where you would like to go next. For this I charge £100.

(for couples this is 1hr30 and £120)


STEP 3 : Personalised Sessions

Based on what we discovered in the Assessment Session, I will then create a Personalised Session Plan for you, that will be tailored to your needs

(Between 3-12 sessions).

Session rate : £90 per hour - Session Duration : 1 - 2 hours

If price is a limitation please let me know.

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Also general questions, or collaborations please reach out and leave your details as it's always great to connect. xo

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Natalie has so much knowledge, helping people find their way and discover their true selves seems to come naturally to her.

The tools she’s taught me and guides me through are invaluable and I’m so thankful that I’m going through this process with her!" - Chloe (Mexico)

I love Natalie! She is authentic, wise and creates an atmosphere of love and security. 

I would definitely recommend her sessions to anyone that wants to get out of their heads, connect more to their body and their feminine wisdom." - Anna (Berlin)

My sessions with Natalie were a magical journey for me. It was the first time in my life I put money in coaching and it felt so good to be seen, asked questions & listened to.

As a coach Natalie is Great, Awesome, Beautiful! I felt so safe with her, she always sensed what was on my mind and checked in with me so I felt taken care of...

I love to get inspired by her way of being, talking, and facing topics! Natalie helped me to find my inner strength, power, and gave me the tools to make the change myself. She is a loving and strong coach! I am so grateful for our journey, I feel empowered and am curious about what more is there!" - Sara (Berlin)

Her warm and smiling personality and her genuine gift to empower people and especially women is admirable. I find her work truly transformational - she listens to you, she feels you and she loves you – thats how I feel when she is around. Not mentioning the huge shift she can bring into your awareness and life. She wakes you up without you realising you were asleep so deeply in many areas.

Natalie has an amazing laugh and something very wild within, which I truly love and I see its literally drawing me back to her work again and again." - Michaela (London)