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Hey, I'm Natalie

Growing up I was a young carer for my severely disabled brother. Supporting with medication, personal care and regular epileptic seizures, this is where I developed my capacity to feel and sense, as he couldn't verbally communicate his needs. As well as the day-to-day challenges, I loved to play with him, I loved to experience life fully and feel my joy in the freedom I had.


Over later years, amongst studies, friends, travel, projects and partying, I learnt more of life's harder lessons. At 21 I supported my mum through (and thankfully out the other side) of Cancer and am now embarking on that journey again my Dad. We have had huge deaths in the family, and I am knowing myself through grief more closely each day. 

This intimacy with illness, life and death has definitely sparked my search for meaning. To understand the taboos of life, death, god, spirituality and sex... which took me deep within myself and far across the world; Yoga Teacher training at the foothills of the Himalayas, darkness meditation retreats in the Desert of Israel, Shamanic Medicine ceremonies in the jungle of Costa Rica, Sexuality Initiations with an International Mystery School and many humbling experiences in-between. These insights, tools and practices, have led me to a freedom in my soul which, I know you have too.

Are you ready to begin?


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